fabrication de pièces mécaniques


For more than 100 years, MECAROANNEhas been supporting its customers to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our expertise, standards and efficiency are recognised in various fields, including the nuclear, defence, motor vehicle, transport, healthcare and chemical sectors, as well as the mineral, ceramics, glassware, energy and recycling industries, among others.

Thanks to its 3 production units in Lyon (69 Genas) and Roanne (42 Le Coteau et 42 Montagny) as well as its design office, we can carry out your projects from A to Z.

Our MECAROANNE ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications are a guarantee of our commitment to innovation, quality, environment and safety.



1910 : The company RENOU Freres was created by Gabriel and Stéphane RENOU (manufacturing all the machines needed for the ceramic industry, designed for tile and brick-making factories and tile manufacturers).
At the time, there were 100 people working for the RENOU company, which was No. 1 in Europe.

1914/1918 : RENOU was requisitioned to manufacture bombs and employed up to 300 people, resuming its pre-war activities in 1919.

1939/1945 : Once again, RENOU was required to produce military equipment and after the war it resumed the sole activity of sub-contracting in precision machining.

1968 : RENOU changed its name to SOMIP.

1978 : SOMIP filed for bankruptcy and dismissed its entire staff. Henri Perey, who was a fitter, took over the factory by re-employing 15 Somip employees and created the company Mecaroanne. He continued the activity of sub-contracting in precision machining and relaunched the manufacture of crushing equipment for the mineral and ceramic industries.

1997 : The company was bought by Jean-François Frou and a new era began. The “crusher” department diversified and expanded into new sectors: chemical and pharmaceutical industry, glass, cement works, steel industry, waste recycling, etc …

2004 : A mechanical design and engineering office (Becimec) was created, with 5 people in a building adjacent to Mecaroanne.

2008 : The two companies relocated to new premises in Le Coteau (42).
This year also marked the beginning of a major investment over about a decade during which the machines and tools were completely renewed using the latest-generation of digital machining centres.

2009 : A new machining subsidiary, Fraisepers, was acquired in Genas (69).

2014 : Mecaroanne obtained its ISO 9001 certification (manufacturing), ISO 14001 certification (environment) and OSAS 18001 certification (safety).

2016 : The three companies were purchased by Patrick Goutailler. The group included 45 people.

2022 : Purchase of the company SMEF in MONTAGNY 42.