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Mechanical engineering and design as quoted, including:

  • Custom design of grinders, lump-breakers and crushers
  • Engineering of turnkey facilities for grinding, breaking and crushing
  • Special automated machines (machine tools, assembly machines, food industry machines, etc.).
  • Customer product engineering and development (weaponry, medical, railway, etc.).
  • Specific CE-certified handling equipment, with design note and load test.
  • Resistance checks for materials with finite element design notes.
  • Tools for assembly, shaping, machining.
  • Welding jigs.
  • Integration of full transfer lines.
  • Industrialisation of complete mechanical units.
  • Design of boiler works.
  • Industrial 2D or 3D piping with piping module, based on a PID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram).
  • Equipment integration and adaptation to trade on customer process lines.
  • Control tools.
  • Design and calculations on customer product definitions.
  • Technical assistance by our designers and engineers, at a fixed rate at your premises, with provision of computer workstation.

Complete services in design, implementation and assembly, as the general contractor with our parent company MECAROANNE (machining, assembly: 25 people).
Mechanical design work in R&D, drafts, feasibility studies, prototype design.